Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday: December 20, 2013

Today was Chemo Day! We are very proud of Cooper today. He worked extra hard during therapies, being able to go outside probably had something to do with it. Cooper got in his gate trainer (the walker) without it being a nightmare.  He was a sport when they accessed his port. The hardest thing for him is being held down. He cries more with that than the actual sticking of the needle. He slept through Chemo today and we aren't as concerned about tomorrow because we feel better prepared this time. Since we know what to expect, we are giving him nausea medicine 24 hours after Chemo to help prevent that. We are hoping this will solve the problem. Cooper also ate the most he has since his shunt surgery on November 30th. He ate 3/4 of a PB and J and some pears!  He was so tired from working extra hard, Chemo, and resting less today, he was asleep by 7:20! However, this may work to our advantage since his first therapy begins at 8 in the morning!

This one is a little hard to see, but I had to post it. The therapist wrapped his strong arm. She was encouraging him to use his weak arm. He actually picked up his left (weak) arm and tried to play with the toy. We are beyond proud of him. Even though he only did it twice, it's a huge step forward!

Cooper getting some outdoor therapy!

Sleeping through Chemo

Cooper showing off his "Chemo Ninja" shirt and playing with his (really neat) new toy!

Since Cooper did so well outside this morning, Mommy and Daddy decided to take him outside this afternoon. He walked all over the place!

Mommy's Fav of the Day: Cooper taking a BIG step!

Cooper loved this statues. He talked to the boy! If you look closely you can see he has his arm around the boy.

Cooper playing with another new toy. He loved it. What a great idea, the fish loves to watch are now in his room. He also kept patting the aquarium and saying "Don." I guess he named one of his fish after his great-grandpa???

Cooper standing in his bed. He's almost got it!


  1. Awesome pictures of an awesome little man. Sounds like he really did have a great day and I'm proud of his hard work. He's so cute with the statues. So he named one of his fish "Don". Sure wish his great grandpa had been able to know him. Cooper would have been more rotten than he is now! LOL I'm sure in a few days you'll be posting a picture of him standing alone...he will make it on his own. Love, Hugs & Prayers

  2. Wow troopercooper what a good day you had! I am so proud of you lil' buddy; using your left arm and taking big steps, standing up, eating good and all the hard work you did today..(and mommy too)!! Sure hope the nausea medicine keeps him from being sick.. Hoping and praying for a goodnight! Love all the pic's Jessica..